In 2030 our world will be a very different place.

Clean electricity generation will dominate our energy mix, and access to water and power will be increasingly universal, improving health, productivity and education in even the poorest nations. Africa will no longer be the dark continent, thanks to sustainable minigrids and smart distributed energy systems that leapfrogs the expensive and polluting energy infrastructure of more developed nations.

The most precious commodities will be electricity and data, which will be integrated into all aspects of our lives, including our vehicles. The majority of our cars will run off electricity stored in high efficiency lithium batteries, and will be able to drive themselves leaving us free to work, play or network as we travel. Cities will be larger too, since our commute will no longer count as downtime.

Products and services will be increasingly customized through 3D printing. Energy and data will fundamentally change the way the world operates, creating an ”On-Demand Society”. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be combined with human experience and knowledge to solve more complex problems, using data and connectivity to anticipate demand and conduct predictive maintenance before its needed. Blockchain will protect our online lives, creating and unhackable peer-to-peer network spanning the globe.

In 2030, we will be more connected than ever. We will live in a smart global Eco-System that will bring us closer together. By openly collaborating, we will generate new ideas that will positively impact millions of lives around the globe every day.

At Desert Technologies, we are excited to meet this bright future… and to help shape it.