Product Description

is dt’s containerized solar system for off-grid electrification. It is a compact and portable unit, which includes the solar modules, inverters, batteries and the controller. Solar panels are fixed on a prefabricated structure that can be easily unfolded on site. SAHARA is suitable for any application from campsites to off-grid locations and remote areas. The system operates in total silence, providing 24/7 service.

During the day, end-users are powered directly by the solar system, through the control panel and the inverter. During the night SAHARA provides electricity through a highly efficient battery bank. The whole system perfectly operates with only little maintenance needs.

End-users are typically connected with a local AC grid, but also the DC version is available.

SAHARA Microgrid

SAHARA is designed to be deployed as a microgrid or an alternative to diesel generators to be an optimal energy source for rural areas. The Containerized Solar Generator (CSG) is now connected to smart meters, grid management system and mobile money provider. It is fully isolated from the grid and is connected to power source.