According to the International Energy Agency’s (“IEA”) projections, there will be 200 million electric vehicles worldwide by 2030, with an exponential growth rate in the coming years. In 2016, new registrations of electric cars hit a new record, with over 750 thousand sales worldwide. With a 29% market share, Norway has incontestably achieved the most successful deployment of electric cars in terms of market share, globally. It is followed by the Netherlands, with a 6.4% electric car market share, and Sweden with 3.4%. The People’s Republic of China, France, and the United Kingdom all have electric car market shares close to 1.5% and rising.

This fundamental evolution in the way we move people and goods creates a broad need for electric vehicle infrastructure. Public and private networks of charging stations must be built to serve the expanding electric car market. Electrical supply systems must be upgraded, and retail locations, malls, supermarkets, and office buildings must prepare to meet the needs of their visitors by offering EV charging services. In time, the charging stations will also become a significant revenue source, much as petrol stations are today.

The rise of electric vehicles will also create the need for massive new electrical capacity, much of which will need to come from renewable sources.


dt’s expert team provides consulting services to assist companies and retailers, municipalities and governments to plan and prepare for the influx of new electrical vehicles on our roads.

Financial and technical feasibility studies for charging station networks

Equipment selection and cost analysis

Preliminary and executive designs

Regional and civil EV master plans

Readiness reports

Integration of clean energy into EV charging

Strategic plans for addressing the EV revolution


dt is both an equipment supplier and specialized installer for electric vehicle charging stations:

Full turnkey installations

Operation and Maintenance

Paymnet Solutions & POS

Broad range of products and solutions for all scales & requirements

Financed and BOO solutions, including long term public/private partnerships

ev-e to dominate the energy and transportation industries

As technologies rapidly advance, solar, electric vehicles, and autonomous cars will disrupt and dominate the energy and transportation industries as we know it. All new energy will be provided by solar and wind facilitating electric and electric autonomous vehicles, thereby, shrinking 80% of the current car market. This disruption will sway the concept of individual ownerships to e-Mobility Fleets and Transportation as an on-demand service. dt has foreseen the industrial shift and has met the up surging new mass-market of EV infrastructure innovation.

desert technologies’ ev-e is designed to provide digital electricity to electric vehicles. The ev-e system is equipped with Highspeed DC Chargers, PV panels, batteries, solar inverters for on/off grids, and other electrical components.

dt’s ev-e presents an excellent opportunity to make EVs end-to-end environmentally friendly. Another advantage of using ev-e as an EV charging station is to install them in remote areas such as highways easily. EV Charging stations are currently unevenly distributed; this application will eliminate every EV owner’s worry that their batteries will run out of charge and leave them stranded in the middle of the road. ev-e creates a reliable and robust EV infrastructure to cater to a growing EV market and easily accessible to meet driver demands.

At Desert Technologies, we are excited to meet this bright future … and to help shape it.