SAHARA, Electrifying Promise!

desert technologies is committed to positively and sustainably shift the off-grid market into a green market.

At desert technologies, we are proud to have created a game-changing system with wide-ranging implications for humanity.

Over 65 percent of the developing world is off the grid and do not have electrical power in their homes according to World Atlas. That translates to no having basic things we take for granted like refrigeration, electricity and running water, food production. It also means that 1.2 billion people have no communication with the rest of the world because they cannot charge cell phones or get unto the internet if they do not have access to power.

At desert technologies, we believe that mini-grids are the most efficient and robust solution. Mini-grids are the most efficient and robust solution. The mini-grid is a simple, effective way of electrifying off-grid facilities.

This is why dt labs created SAHARA Containerized Solar Generator.

SAHARA Containerized Solar Generator could allow us to live and work to our full capacity off-grid anywhere with sunlight. Powered by an energy source, such as a solar system or diesel generator, and combined with a battery storage system and local distribution system, mini-grids solution of particular use in supplying electricity to areas peripheral to the main grid. 

Not only does the SAHARA solar power unit make it fast and easy to start generating electricity in even the most remote and inhospitable places, but by doing so, it opens up possibilities for events, settlements, defense operations, disaster relief, and more.

Last month dt showcased the power of SAHARA to the world during the 2021 Dakar Rally. dt Engineering team installed two 40ft containerized solar systems and one 20ft containerized solar off-grid system of its SAHARA series, to be used by our partner GCK  to power part of Neom bivouac. It is a great success; the international press is all over it. To learn more, click here.

WHAT IS THE SAHARA Containerized Solar Generator (CSG)?

The SAHARA CSG is a ‘plug and play’ solar generator within its own compact, self-contained unit.

Prefabricated and ready to go, it contains solar modules, inverters, batteries, and a controller. It operates silently and 24/7, providing power during the day directly from the solar system while allowing for electricity through a battery bank during the night.

Because its deployment and maintenance are minimal, the prospect of efficient, cost-effective, and reliable power almost instantly – almost anywhere in the world – is a reality.

Defense deployment of any kind can be fast, unpredictable, and necessary in very remote locations for strategic purposes.

SAHARA compatible with all defense equipment, meaning mobile posts can be set up just about anywhere and powered just as though they were a permanent base.

A bonus is a lack of transporting or storing potentially hazardous fossil fuels.

Festivals and other large outdoor events usually occur in remote locations where there is plenty of open space to assemble infrastructure from scratch and host large crowds.

Any form of power does not usually serve these kinds of spaces. Yet, these loud and bright events need to entertain, feed and support the temporary housing of often tens of thousands of people at a time. 

SAHARA can power large scale outdoor events, food courts, telecommunication equipment, fairgrounds, stages, and lights, all within a weatherproof system.

Off-grid greenhouses create an environmentally friendly atmosphere and all the best benefits from nature. This allows food to production in remote locations with ease, and it is the best way of achieving output at minimum costs. A greenhouse typically consumes energy to maintain irrigation, lighting, climate control, and other crucial processes. SAHARA is a long-term cost-saving solution to this dilemma. Our CSG supports farmers’ year-round agriculture irrigation systems to ensure food security and increase income in rural and underprivileged areas. SAHARA is intended to liberate farmers from the high cost associated with electricity tariffs or diesel fuel prices while also providing an alternative source for an environmentally friendly agricultural system.

Water is perhaps the most vital natural resource on the planet, but it presents a challenge because solution to water issues must be tailored. Reliable energy is required for every step of the water supply chain, from sourcing and pumping the water, to treating the water and distributing it to consumers.

SAHARA Containerized Solar Generator plays a vital role in improving and ensuring water supply by providing a cost-effective alternative to operations that run on diesel. Sahara coupled with water treatments such as drinking water treatment, wastewater purification, desalination plants, and reverse osmosis.

Refugee camps often house more people than they can reasonably accommodate. With a range of complex needs, they need access to reliable power at a low cost and minimal installation time and labor.

SAHARA can be deployed in crisis times to provide power for a multitude of functions needed within these camps, from food to heating, lighting, communications, and medical facilities.

Among the major issues concerning the world remains sourcing electricity. In the modern age, electricity should not be a luxury. The lack of electricity is a serious issue across the entire global south, yet the deficit is most visible in Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa accounted for 68 percent of the worldwide access deficit in 2017. According to studies conducted by the World Bank, 90 percent of those without electricity access will concentrating in Africa.

The World Bank studies suggest that a mere $220 billion is needed to power 490 million people to around 210,000 mini-grids over the next ten years. Economic analyses published by BloombergNEF place the cost of electricity per kWh for solar or hybrid model mini-grids between $0.49 and $0.68.

Mini-grids such as SAHARA Containerized Solar Generator offers an exciting opportunity for investment as this decade setting to be the epoch where sustainable, renewable energy overtakes non-renewable energy in terms of innovation and affordability.

SAHARA SERIES Containerized Solar Generator ‘s potential is massive, and the numbers show that it would benefit all sectors of society.

At desert technologies, we are committed to making durable, affordable renewable energy an accessible option for developing people’s power demands. We are honored to work towards making the world of tomorrow today’s reality.


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